BOND ULTIM8 – Pushing the limits of Colour

For this shoot we took colour to the next level using Matrix Bond Ultim8. It is formulated to protect bonds, prevent further breakage and transform the outcome of salon services for stylists and their clients without any additional timing or reformulation needed.

BOND Ultim8 protects bonds and keeps hair strong all in the same service. For professional stylists, there are eight distinct advantages to incorporating the three-part system into every salon service:

  • Helps Protects Bonds During Lightening
  • Maintains Expected Lift
  • No Reformulation Needed
  • No Extra Time Needed
  • Helps Prevent Hair Breakage
  • Helps Preserve Hair Fibers
  • Deeply Nourishes
  • Hair Looks Healthier

bond ultim8 plex for hair tretament

Before the discovery of these type of products taking Afro hair, with its strong pigment, to a pale yellow, would have been an impossible project without total brokerage. Here are the results...






Why should I use this product?

Push your color to new limits. Go blonder than ever without fear of damage.  Get bold color, no matter how dark your natural color is.  Be more than brunette. Get healthier-looking, refined, envy-worthy hair. Take your coverage up a notch by adding suppleness and movement. Repair existing damage for stronger, healthier hair, all them time. Repair while you gloss for ultra-shiny, ultra-strong hair.

Will this add extra time to my salon visit?

Bond Ultim8 is made to be super effective and super simple without hindering your usual coloration technique. When we add Bond Ultim8 to your colour everything else stays the same, so no extra processing time. The only extra time added is 10mins at the basin for system 2.

Does it cost extra?

Yes, this service will cost up to $60 extra on your colour service. But in my experience you can not put a price on the protection of your hair. This is money well spent.

Where can I get this look and products ?

iHair Studio, 107 Royal Street, East Perth, 6004. ph: 93259139 insta/fb: @ihairperthstudio


Photographer: Mike @love_deluxe_studios

Model: Florence @florence_baitio